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Great people make a great place to work.

In Doclinia we believe in the all-time proverb “Health is wealth” and therefore we strive to offer high- quality service to our patients in their cure journey.

We are in a growth industry operating in an international environment with a clear objective to change the health industry into an easy and reachable service to any patient, overcoming bureaucracies and boundaries. Honesty and integrity are our core values we share with our patients, collaborators, and shareholders.

If you think that you share the same values, you are passionate about what you do, join our team to grow and add a new experience to your professional career.

Join our team

Fill this form or send us your CV to info@doclinia.com to be part of an innovative digital health services team.

Doclinia logo white

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We accept online payments using VISA and MasterCard credit/debit card in USD

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Cure Journey Portal,Licence ID 955764 ,Souk Al Bahr, Saha offices C, office 202, Dubai, UAE
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